Fishing/ Aquaculture Vessels

Fishing/ Aquaculture Vessels

  • Individually designed and built to Owner’s design requirements.
  • Incorporating all type of fishing …. commercial, salmon, trout, and mussel fishing/harvesting
  • Steel hull with aluminium superstructure and deckhouse.
  • High quality fit out throughout both mechanically and internally.


At Arklow Marine Services, we design and build commercial fishing vessels and aquaculture vessels for both the salmon and mussel farming industries. These vessels can be built to the yard or owner’s own design and specification. Each project is a compromise between the owner, designer and the yard, and the vessel will invariably meet all the criteria to be successful when in operation.


Each new vessel build is purposely designed and built to meet the owner’s operation requirements, which may be specific to the type of proposed method of fishing for the vessel. Typically, these vessels are built with steel hulls and superstructures, and some with aluminium superstructures, depending on the application.


Our hallmark through a “Century & Half” in business has been the quality of the build, fit out of the vessels at competitive prices, and the ability of our yard to change and move on with new methods of building and processes. You can be sure that each vessel will be competitively priced, feature quality throughout and sound mechanical underpinnings, and be built to the highest standards, including accordance with standards laid down by regulatory bodies and/or classification requirements.