Aluminium Vessels

Aluminum Vessels

  • Windfarm vessels.
  • Passenger vessels.
  • Charter vessels.
  • Oil combat vessels.
  • Mussel farming and salmon farming vessels.
  • Depending on the purpose of your boat, you may require it to be built from aluminum. Normally when considering an aluminum build the owner will be requiring high speed and thus the design has to be carefully considered.


Typically an aluminum boat will be more expensive to build compared to one built from steel, but aluminium has a number of advantages over steel as a material for boat building.



Aluminum can be used to build high-speed response vessels, wind farm vessels, passenger vessels, charter vessels, oil combat vessels, and mussel and salmon farming vessels.

At Arklow Marine Services, we are skilled and experienced in working with aluminum and we have a number of aluminum boats in our portfolio.


We can advise on whether you should consider using this material for your boat but generally it is lighter which gives boats built from aluminum a speed advantage.

Our hallmark through a “Century & Half” in business has been the quality of the build, fit out of the vessels at competitive prices, and the ability of our yard to change and move on with new methods of building and processes. You can be sure that each vessel will be competitively priced, feature quality throughout and sound mechanical underpinnings, and be built to the highest standards, including accordance with standards laid down by regulatory bodies and/or classification requirements.